May 03, 2012

I'm Baaaack...

Well, my first year at Pepperdine was amazing... but has come to an end. So, I am back in the shaping bay for Summer! I have some boards in the Online Store, including some nice recent ones. I am open again for taking custom orders so let your minds dream up some cool stringer designs or whatever you want.

Here are a couple of said handplanes for sale:

March 07, 2012

KONY 2012

This is happening... we can stop Joseph Kony this year. I'll be a part of it, hope you will too.

October 07, 2011

Sacred Craft this weekend!

Hope to see you all tomorrow at Sacred Craft! It is a really cool show and if you are on the fence of whether to go or not... GO.

September 11, 2011


My school acknowledges the attacks by putting a flag up for every lost life.... I acknowledge them in my prayers

Patrick Rocking a Little Log

Here are a few pictures of Patrick using a Charger model Little Log inside of an awesome A-frame wave in Hawaii. Wish I was there...
Thanks to Mike Varney for the amazing pictures.

September 06, 2011

Daily Stoke Review

Colin from Daily Stoke wrote this awesome review on my handplanes:

Head on over to their site... and since you're already there, leave a 5 star rating on my review :)

Thanks a lot Colin!

Where to Get Some:Lincoln Logs Surf Co.

No B.S. Summary

Lincoln Logs Surf Co. is offering a new line of exciting and custom built bodysurfing handplanes.

          The Good

  • Compact and super charged barrel riding machine!!!

          The Not So Good

  • Each one is custom made so there is only a limited number of lucky customers per month...Get them while they are hot!!!

No B.S. Review

In my constant quest to connect with craftsmen/women from all over the surfing community I have continued to find some amazing talent and remarkable products.  One such company is Lincoln Logs Surf Co. which is offering a new line of exciting and custom built handplanes.  Hailing from Orange County, California, Jake Young is the talented mastermind behind the home-grown brand.  Although still in High School, Jake has somehow found a way to make his business work and he has been busy experimenting and refining his designs at some of the most challenging and trying breaks around.  He has now pleased to offer a line of planes that can tackle almost any conditions or wave type.  His enthusiasm for bodysurfing coupled with his entrepreneurial drive have already sparked a steady following in the bodysurfing community and he is only picking up more speed as popularity and demand for the sport grow.
For the purpose of this review Jake sent us one of his Charger Handplane models to test drive.  The box arrived quickly and was much lighter and smaller than I expected.  Inside was a perfectly packaged Charger complete with an adjustable strap, custom laser-etched logo, and ultra glossy finish.  Coming in at 7” x 12” the Charger is a smaller handplane built for speed and managing critical wave characteristics like steep drops and barrel section.  Although it has a smaller, more conservative profile, it is supercharged with a very pronounced concaved belly section which provides an amazing amount of lift and drive.  Jake has also added adjustable straps to the decks of his handplanes which allow the users to take much more natural swimming strokes.

We tested the Charger in a bunch of conditions but as Jake predicted, it was best in heaving and barreling beach breaks.  I really loved the small and very manageable size of this plane and the hydrodynamics of the bottom contours and deep single concave that runs from nose to tail gave it traction and control on the face and speed in the pocket like no other one I’ve tried!  It propelled all 185 lbs of me down the line like a rocket ship and sent me into some amazing and very hollow barrels!!!  The plane worked well on open faced sections as well but it’s lack of surface area did make getting up on plane a bit sluggish without a steep ledge to toss yourself off of.  Overall, it is a very well rounded plane but it is definitely geared for speed…it loves being in the green room!!!!

I would highly recommend a Lincoln Logs handplane to anyone.  From beginners to advanced riders, anyone will have a blast with one on their hand!  With planes coming in between $50-$100 bucks I think you’re getting a steal!  I’d personally pay twice that for the barrel rides I’ve enjoyed on my Lincoln Log plane and I think you will too!!!  Check out Jake’s entire line up of hand made planes and boards at: and be sure to visit his blog for more info and updates on the brand:  As always, thanks for reading and be sure to tell a friend…

-          Shaper

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September 01, 2011

Interesting Video

Saw this on Surfline while checking the awesome swell hitting our shores right now.... So stop watching this video and go surf or something! :)

Shaping has experienced some huge changes with the implementation of the CNC machines... I recognize that there are pros and cons, but let me ask you to support your local shaper (especially if he does everything by hand) and not those imported pop-outs.

August 25, 2011

Last 3...

Here are the last three boards for a while... the poplar V8 and Charger are both sold (Hawaii and Oregon). The paulownia side ways-stringer USS Lincoln will be in the shop for sale though. It is really light and the custom stringers make it a one-of-a-kind.